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VR Events Texas Interactive Virtual Reality

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Interactive VR Experiences for Live Events 

Unique | Innovative | Immersive | Fun | Exciting  

We bring this amazing Virtual Reality Technology to your live events and assist your guest with amazing experiences.  From novice to VR enthusiast, all will appreciate these professional VR setups.  We will assist you in selecting the right experience for your guests that works with the theme of your event.  

Options:  Team work or individual experiences ? 

Here are top trending examples of VR experiences that are being used frequently at live events: 


Explore Space while listening to chill music -  Take an amazing interactive tour of our space and planetary system in a dream like setting while listening to great music.  You wont want to return to the real world!  

Google Tilt Brush with Professional Artist twist -  We contract with our professional artist to create 3 dimensional  art relevant to your event theme or brand.   Guest are immersed into this VR 3D art and given some quick pointers on how they can add to the art work or simply sign their name.  They will be able to move around in the 3D VR environment to explore the art from the inside out.  

Team Bomb Diffusion - Teams work together to diffuse a bomb in 5 minutes or less using VR to see and describe the bomb so team members with the bomb diffusion guide can assist them to determine which button to press or which wire to cut.  Funny how people learn to communicate and work together when they need to find a solution to a problem quickly!  

Team Escape Room -  Teams work together to escape a small underground room.  They must find fuses for electricity,  lock combinations, keys, and decipher cryptic clues to escape the room!   

These are just a few of the favorites that we like!   Tell us about your people and the over all look and feel of the event and we will help you find the right VR Experiences.   

You can have multiple VR stations or combine them with our other amazing interactive activation's from Interactive Dallas